Gillingham School Sixth Form

The Sixth Form Committee

                            Head Boy - Hugo Upsall                                                                          Head Girl - Emily Sams

      Deputy Head Boy, Chair of School Council - Tom Pavey           Deputy Head Girl, Chair of School Council - Lily Marshall

                    Deputy Head Girl - Lily Burles                                            Deputy Head Boy -  Jupiter Trimmer

​Welcome to Gillingham School Sixth Form

There is a mature and friendly atmosphere in our school created by giving students more personal responsibility. It has been compared to the ‘half-way house’ between school and university or employment. We work together on the basic principle that we should all treat each other in an adult way and respect and value each other’s individuality.

We have two joint Heads of Sixth Form – Mrs Cross and Mr Godfrey, each of whom take care of the day to day needs of the students in their year groups. As Heads of Year they oversee a team of tutors and these people are important in a comprehensive network of support which lies behind much of the success of our students. Finally, we work hard to help prepare our students for the world of work, apprenticeships and further education.

Applying to the Sixth Form

Sixth Form Admissions October 2020

Why Choose Us?

Gillingham Sixth Form is a fun, vibrant learning environment packed full of fantastic resources. We believe we are a happy fun-loving but purposeful Sixth Form, one in which you will develop a sense of responsibility within a secure framework, and achieve your very best by being encouraged to strive for the highest standards. Our aim is to see individuals striving for personal excellence, but also to help students to maintain a positive self-image and to grow as individuals.

If you are already a Gillingham student you will have a good idea what will be demanded of you and you will welcome and appreciate a new sense of freedom within clearly defined limits.

If you are thinking of applying from elsewhere then please contact us to arrange a visit to meet Sixth Formers and staff and sample the atmosphere for yourself.

Sixth Form Courses

Sixth Form Courses Available

Entry Requirements

  • Students who wish to study the standard A Level programme of three A Level subjects are required to achieve SIX or more GCSE grades at 4 - 9 (C - A*).
  • Should a student wish to study four A Level subjects then an average GCSE grade of 7 (A) will be necessary.
  • All A Level courses are two year linear courses. Failure to pass pre-public examinations will result in discussions as to the most appropriate way forward.
  • Students who have gained 5 GCSE grades at 4 or better will be permitted to study at least one BTEC or A Level (with the appropriate grade for that subject) alongside GCSE courses.
  • Students with fewer than 5 GCSE grades at 4 or better will be welcome to join us on an appropriate Level 2 package (Foundation and Intermediate level courses) allowing them to improve their GCSE portfolio and progress onto a suitable future course. Many students take this route to the completion of A Levels over a 3 year period.
  • Any student who has not attained at least Grade 4 in Maths and English will be required to retake those subjects. 

The Application Process 

If you have any questions at all concerning applications to Gillingham School, you are welcome to contact Mr Mark Lavis (Deputy Headteacher) or Mrs Jo Stirk (Sixth Form Admissions), on 01747 822222 or email

The First Step

Apply to the Sixth Form online below, or contact Mrs Jo Stirk or Mr Mark Lavis as above. 

If you are a Non Gillingham School Applicant
All non-Gillingham students need to complete an application form and return it as soon as possible.

Upon receipt of your application:

  • A reference will be requested from your current school

  • You will be emailed inviting you to a guidance interview with Mr Lavis or another member of the Leadership Team to discuss your particular subjects of interest

  • You will also be taken on a guided tour during a normal school day

  • A formal offer of a place in our Sixth Form may be made to all external students applying to Sixth Form after individual applications have been assessed and a reference received, normally within a couple of weeks of the interview taking place

If you are a Gillingham School Applicant

All of Year 11 will be making choices and applying to the Sixth Form using the SIMS OPTIONS ONLINE Step by Step Process for Year 11 Guidance on the applications for Sixth Form.
  1. Assembly to explain the Options process

  2. K Lever will email all Year 11 with an activation code for SIMS OPTIONS ONLINE, and an email with instructions on what to do.

  3. Sixth Form Open Evening (usually November)

  4. IT Rooms booked during student tutor time in order to activate their accounts.

  5. Carousel for some subjects.

  6. Interviews for all Year 11 before February half term.

  7. Students will receive a formal conditional offer in their registers in May. 

When you are Offered a Place

The following documents form our induction pack. If you need to contact the school on results day, about entry into the Sixth Form, email

September Enrolment Day

It is very important that you are available on this day. You will be issued with your personal timetable and given further advice on subject choices.


All Sixth Form students, including those new to the school and those outside of the school's catchment area, need to apply  for transport, either online or by phone to the County Council in which they live and pay either termly or yearly to the council. The amount is dependent on the individual circumstances of families.

In addition the school has places on Bus 51 from Stalbridge, Henstridge and Wincanton. To apply for these, students need to ask at the school reception as soon as possible, because places are limited. Students can apply to be considered for financial support with their travelling costs from the Sixth Form Bursary Fund.  

Sixth Form Bursary Policy

16-19 Bursary Application Form

Any student wishing to have a seat on South West Coaches should apply using the form below as soon as possible:

Post 16 2021 Transport Application Form for students from Wiltshire 

 Surplus Seat Application - South West Coaches



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