General Policies



Model Educational Trips and Visits Policy Educational Visits Policy.pdfModel Educational Trips and Visits Policy 21/02/2018 14:50:39
Gillingham School Equality Policy Policy.pdfGillingham School Equality Policy29/01/2018 09:35:32
Exam Access Arrangements Policy 2017 School Exam Access Arrangements Policy.pdfExam Access Arrangements Policy 201730/11/2017 11:13:30
Gillingham School Attendance Policy Attendance Policy.pdfGillingham School Attendance Policy 30/10/2017 11:59:27
Gillingham School SRE Policy School SRE Policy.pdfGillingham School SRE Policy 30/10/2017 11:57:23
Data Protection Policy 2017 Protection Policy 2017.pdfData Protection Policy 201721/07/2017 10:10:56
ITT Policy Policy.pdfITT Policy23/06/2017 16:54:04
Accessibility Plan Plan.pdfAccessibility Plan12/06/2017 11:50:57
General Complaints Policy Complaints Policy.pdfGeneral Complaints Policy25/05/2017 15:26:47
Parental/Carer's Code of Conduct Policy of Parental Conduct.pdfParental/Carer's Code of Conduct Policy23/05/2017 16:52:05
Charging and Remissions Policy and Remissions Policy21/11/2016 14:41:32

Policies Pertaining to the Education, Care and Welfare of Students

Accessibility Plan

Attendance Policy 

Behaviour Policy

Careers Policy

Child Protection Policy

Curriculum Policy

Equality Policy

First Aid and Medical Policy

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Health, Sex and Relationships Policy

The Policy for the Education of Looked After Children

Assembly and Collective Worship Policy

SEND Policy 

Supporting Children with Special Medical Conditions

Model Educational - Trips and Visits Policy

Acceptable Use Policies



IT Acceptable Use Policy (Student Version) Use Policies/IT Acceptable Use Policy (Student Version).pdfIT Acceptable Use Policy (Student Version)27/09/2017 10:24:50
Special Case Student IT Use - Acceptable Use Policy Use Policies/Special Case Student IT Use - Acceptable Use Policy.pdfSpecial Case Student IT Use - Acceptable Use Policy27/09/2017 10:24:36