Rewards Sanctions and Behaviour

​Promoting and Rewarding Good Behaviour

Everyone should try to do their best, for themselves and for others

  • As a school, we assert that learning is our most important function
  • We promote a caring, calm, humane ethos, in which all people are equally valued while recognised as individuals
  • There are systems of reward and commendation in place, to reinforce good behaviour and attitude to learning
  • There is frequent monitoring of progress, with opportunities for positive contact with parents
  • The quality of relationships between staff, students and parents, and the creation of a positive ethos, underpins everything that happens

Managing Unacceptable Behaviour

  • We believe that deciding how to behave is a choice. Creating distractions from the learning of others is not acceptable.
  • No-one’s right to learn, to feel secure, or to enjoy school, should be jeopardised by the actions of others
  • Students should have good understanding about what is and isn’t acceptable. Students should understand that sanctions will be applied when they transgress these principles.
  • Staff and parents should work in partnership in encouraging and supporting students to display good behaviour, and to improve their behaviour where necessary 

Policy and Procedures for Promoting Good Behaviour and Managing Poor Behaviour



Behaviour Policy Policy.pdfBehaviour Policy10/07/2020 09:32:48
Behaviour Policy Policy.pdfBehaviour Policy10/07/2020 09:32:48