Extra-Curricular Sport

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sporting extracurricular activities during their time at Gillingham School, and there are a whole range of benefits that come from involvement in these activities…




Sports Day 1500 Metres Gallery/1500-metres.jpg Gallery/1500-metres.jpgSports Day 1500 Metres
Basketball Gallery/Basketball.jpg Gallery/Basketball.jpgBasketball
Climbing Wall on Sports Day Gallery/Climbing-Wall.jpg Gallery/Climbing-Wall.jpgClimbing Wall on Sports Day
Cycling on Sports Day Gallery/Cycling.jpg Gallery/Cycling.jpgCycling on Sports Day
Handball on Sports Day Gallery/Handball.jpg Gallery/Handball.jpgHandball on Sports Day
High Jump on Sports Day Gallery/Long-Jump.jpg Gallery/Long-Jump.jpgHigh Jump on Sports Day
Rounders Gallery/Rounders.jpg Gallery/Rounders.jpgRounders
Rounders on Sports Day Gallery/Rounders1.jpg Gallery/Rounders1.jpgRounders on Sports Day
Tug of War on Sports Day Gallery/Tug-of-War.jpg Gallery/Tug-of-War.jpgTug of War on Sports Day
800 Metres Metres
Hockey Match Match
Rugby Run Run
Rugby Scrum Scrum
Hockey Tackle Tackle

They provide a productive break from study

Weekly activities can offer a welcome break from studies and homework — particularly for senior students if they can spare the time. Depending on the students’ interests, they may provide the chance to get outside and exercise, see friends, pursue a hobby or simply destress and refresh their mind. They also help limit the time spent in front of a TV or computer screen!

They can help your child build their skills outside of the classroom

Balancing a number of commitments can help to improve your child’s time management skills, while finding an area they enjoy or excel at can boost self-confidence.

They can open your child’s mind to new interests (and views)

While students usually have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of study areas through core subjects, extracurricular activities allow students to explore an interest in more depth than what is covered in class — or maybe even find a completely new interest that they wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise. Our students also benefit from playing against students from differing backgrounds, state and independent schools for example.

They look good on a personal statement/CV

Extracurricular activities are great to include on a CV as evidence of well-rounded interests and skills. Participation in sport can indicate that your child has the ability to work as part of a team, the drive to reach and improve on goals and the commitment to attend regular training sessions. If a student has secured a leadership position as a sports captain, for example, this will instantly catch the eye of both universities and employers.

They provide social opportunities

Being part of a group or team provides a sense of belonging, with extracurricular activities offering an opportunity for students to interact with others with similar interests and potentially build friendships outside of their usual circle. On several of our fixtures, teams of different ages will travel to the venue on the same coach.

The following items demonstrate the sporting opportunities the students can participate in:

​Fixtures and Inter-house Calendar

 Lunchtime Clubs.pdf

Sports Awards Evening

Sports Day

Sports Development

School Records