Aspirations, Careers and Enterprise


At Gillingham School we aim to help every pupil develop high aspirations and consider a broad and ambitious range of careers.  The school’s Aspirations programme encourages students to explore their next steps into the eventual world of work through presentations from and visits to colleges and universities.

Enterprise and Work Experience

We aim to inspire every pupil through real life contacts with the world of work, in order to help them to understand where different choices can take them in the future. To this end all our students undertake work experience in Year 10 for two weeks and then again, for one week in Year 12. This takes place at a wide range of local and not-so-local workplaces including: businesses, banks, libraries, offices, garages, hairdressers, schools and veterinary surgeries, to name but a few. The opportunity to experience a working environment first hand is invariably a valuable one.


We are committed to ensuring that students receive quality impartial advice and guidance related to subject choice and careers planning, from a broad range of sources. The school has a clear strategy for careers guidance which is linked to outcomes for students, with the aim of meeting the needs of all. This includes a variety of events and activities such as inspirational speakers from different areas of employment and mock interviews, careers fairs, trips to colleges and universities.

Students are encouraged to gain in confidence, to examine their strengths and weaknesses, set themselves targets and develop the ability to respond to learning opportunities and labour market trends.

Students will also have access to specialist, impartial support services to expand advice and guidance on an individual basis, for each young person to be inspired and motivated to fulfil their potential.