Welcome from the Head Boy and Head Girl

Welcome to Gillingham School!

What a strange year it has been! I think Katie and I can speak for the whole school in saying we never envisaged a scenario where we would be learning from home for six months! We are so grateful to be back in the school environment with our friends and the excellent staff members who successfully maintained their support during these unprecedented times. It has been encouraging to see all students return to school with such a positive mind set and openness towards the guidelines that allows the school community to remain as safe as possible.

Gillingham School is such a wonderful place to be, with a strong work ethic but a friendly atmosphere.  Students have a wonderful relationship with their teachers. Teachers are encouraging and allow students to flourish.

The school is accommodating of a wide range of talents and academic interests. Ranging from sports teams that run right from year 7-13, to jazz clubs. There is the opportunity to study a large variety of subjects at GCSE and A level meaning that student's options are never limited. The school also provides an endless range of trips, from A level history trips to Russia to Ski Trips to the French Alps. Not to mention the brilliant school exchanges which allow students to immerse themselves in other cultures. 

Students at Gillingham school can leave feeling proud of their achievements, with the school aiding students in their journey to adulthood and the ever-evolving world.