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​Working at Gillingham School

Working at Gillingham School is enjoyable, challenging, interesting, demanding, fun and ultimately rewarding. We set high standards for ourselves; we work together to help each other out to achieve these; we support each other during times of challenge (whether personal or professional) and together we celebrate the successes of our students.

There are 119 teachers (including 35 part-timers) with a senior management team who, in addition to their specific responsibilities, share the leadership of the school with the headteacher. However, we believe that all staff contribute to the leadership of the school and we prefer to take decisions after formal and informal discussion with all staff who have a view.

Great emphasis is placed upon professional development in what is a young and vibrant staff Opportunities for career growth are good, as are opportunities to contribute to the improvement of the school.

There is a large team of support staff which included (at the last count) a Headteacher’s PA, a Business and Finance Manager, an Examinations Manager, a Librarian, 16 Technicians and 25 TAs. The school is fortunate to have non-teaching staff of the highest calibre who are dedicated to supporting the work of the teachers and school as a whole.

There is good morale and a genuine sense of camaraderie amongst the staff. There are staff cricket and soccer teams, an annual tennis tournament, and many of the staff go running or take part in organised fitness sessions. There are various trips, a staff choir and opportunities for staff to be involved with the school plays – sometimes onstage and certainly off! The school also offers an extensive programme of touring theatre companies and musical ensembles performing in the Creative Arts Centre. A number of staff are actively involved in raising money for charity and most staff participate in some way in the many extra-curricular activities on offer during the school year. There are organised evening staff socials in both the Autumn and Summer terms and at the end of every term after the school day has ended. Staff are also welcomed by students at the Year 11 Prom and the Sixth Form Ball.

An active staff association looks after the welfare of its members; this ranges from providing daily newspapers to maintaining the coffee machine and each Friday at break we meet in the staff room for free coffee and doughnuts, to relax and catch up with each other socially. Finally, there is the awarding of the much sought-after and prestigious Herbert Bastable trophy for the most outstanding example of incompetence during the past year!

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