Our Values

Gillingham School – Values and Vision

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is a priority in our school. We provide a safe and stimulating environment, where students learning and well-being is supported by high quality teaching and pastoral care.

Our school is characterised by our distinctive ethos of inclusion, achievement, learning together, mutual respect and enjoyment. We are proud of our reputation for high standards in academic work, personal achievement and conduct.

We recognise young people have many abilities, talents and personalities and learn in many different ways, and are committed to enabling all of our students to achieve their full academic and personal potential. We aspire to enable all students to make the best possible progress regardless of previous achievement or additional learning needs.

Gillingham School is committed to developing resilient, adaptable and resourceful learners.  We aim to develop ability, raise expectations and provide the support necessary for life-long success by offering a wide range of enriching experiences both in and beyond the classroom.

We have a broad, challenging and inclusive curriculum shaped according to the key knowledge, skills and competencies students need to know, understand and do in order to thrive for the rest of their lives.  In order to underpin this, we value high quality, on-going professional learning opportunities for all colleagues.

Students will understand their role and responsibilities in a dynamic, diverse and multi-cultural society: they will be equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in the 21st Century world.

In the future, Gillingham will continue to be restless to improve as we expect the very best for all members of our school.  We will work in partnership with all stakeholders in our community and continue to deepen the relationships which we enjoy with our parents, carers and the town as a whole.

Values and Vision - Gillingham School

School Development Plan 2021