​A Statistical Breakdown of the Current Activity of Students When They Finish Year 11

The documents below give a breakdown of the range of different activities, such as education or employment with training that Gillingham School students have gone on to after finishing year 11. Each document is specific to a year 11 cohort for a particular calendar year. Therefore, a proportion of one cohort could currently be in our year 12 or our year 13 or indeed at university.

We are proud of the high percentage of our students who are taking appropriate, worthwhile and even exciting steps in their developing career path.



Students who left School in 2016 of Year 11 Leavers 2016.pdfStudents who left School in 201620/01/2017 16:33:36
Students who left School in 2015 of Year 11 Leavers 2015.pdfStudents who left School in 201523/11/2015 10:49:41
Students who left School in 2014 of Year 11 Leavers 2014.pdfStudents who left School in 201421/04/2016 14:03:54
Students who left School in 2013 of Year 11 Leavers 2013.pdfStudents who left School in 201321/04/2016 14:03:27