Our School Council

The School Council provides a platform for students to discuss ideas and issues that are important to them, as well as suggest and implement school improvements that will enhance their educational experience. It is an important role that offers students a voice within the school and, in the recent past, has been directly involved with Ofsted inspections and the interview for our new headteacher.

The School Council is an elected body of students from all year groups. Tutor groups nominate two representatives to attend the Year Group council meetings where issues relating to the whole school as well as the Year Group are discussed and debated. From these, two students are elected to represent the Year Group in the full School Council meetings; the term of office running for one academic year.

The School Council is run and chaired by two members of the Sixth Form Committee who have dedicated responsibility for the School Council. This year, the Heads of School Council are Matthew Ward and Maddy Pietrzkiewicz.

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