School Productions

​Guys and Dolls



Rehearsing Dance Moves and Dolls/Dance-Moves.jpgRehearsing Dance Moves
Rehearsals and Dolls/More-rehearsals.jpgRehearsals
Rehearsals and Dolls/Rehearsals.jpgRehearsals
Rehearsing and Dolls/Rehearsing.jpgRehearsing
A Solo and Dolls/Solo.jpgA Solo
A Character Warming Up and Dolls/warming-up.jpgA Character Warming Up

Bonnie and Clyde



A Solo and Clyde/A-Solo.jpgA Solo
At the Hairdressers and Clyde/At-the-hairdresers.jpgAt the Hairdressers
Bonnie dreaming of her future and Clyde/Bonnie-dreaming-of-her-future.jpgBonnie dreaming of her future
Clyde makes a plan and Clyde/Clyde-makes-a-plan.jpgClyde makes a plan
A Member of the Orchestra and Clyde/Musician.jpgA Member of the Orchestra
Young Bonnie and Clyde/Young-Bonnie.jpgYoung Bonnie

Lord of the Flies



Hunting for Food of the Flies/Hunting.jpgHunting for Food
Killing the Pig of the Flies/Killing-the-Pig.jpgKilling the Pig
Missing Home of the Flies/Missing-home.jpgMissing Home
Hunting of the Flies/More-Hunting.jpgHunting
The Performance of the Flies/Performance.jpgThe Performance
The Pig of the Flies/Piggy.jpgThe Pig