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Our extended arts programme collaborates with rural touring arts organisations to bring external theatre companies, dance, film, music and art to Gillingham School at an affordable price. Our events are open to the public giving the community the opportunity to see, participate and work with both national and international industry professionals. In recent years we have hosted shows for Cirque du Platzak, Panta Rei Danseteater, Theatre Alibi, Miracle Theatre, Living Spit and many more.

We are fortunate that many of the visiting performers are keen to hold workshops for the students whilst companies are in the area, giving the students first-hand experience of the creative arts from both the performance and technical perspective.

Additionally, the Extended Arts team curates shows in the Gallery for visual artists. Ellen Tovey, Ruth Dresman and John Maine RA have all been artist in residence during the last few years.

The Extended Arts Programme

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Cirque du Platzak Arts/ExtendedArtsHeader.gifCirque du Platzak
Living Spit, The Six Wives of Henry VIII,-Six-wives-of-Henry-VIII_JPG.jpg Arts/Living-Spit,-Six-wives-of-Henry-VIII.JPGLiving Spit, The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Cie-Hors-Pistes, Ordures-et-Ménagère,-Ordures-et-Ménagère_JPG.jpg Arts/Cie-Hors-Pistes,-Ordures-et-Ménagère.JPGCie-Hors-Pistes, Ordures-et-Ménagère
Pip Utton - Adolf Arts/Upcoming Events/Adolf.jpgPip Utton - Adolf
Bucket Club, Launch Party,-Launch-Party_jpg.jpg Arts/Bucket-Club,-Launch-Party.jpgBucket Club, Launch Party
Theatre Alibi, Fish Eye,-Fish-Eye_jpg.jpg Arts/Theatre-Alibi,-Fish-Eye.jpgTheatre Alibi, Fish Eye
Panta-Rei, Lullaby,-Lullaby_jpg.jpg Arts/Panta-Rei,-Lullaby.jpgPanta-Rei, Lullaby


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